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Initial Contact

One of the toughest decisions a parent can make, when concerns arise, is the decision to contact an advocate. Too often that important decision is put off too long.  Many wait until a problem has nearly escalated to what the parent feels is the point of no return.  As a parent, and as an advocate, it is far easier to deal with the little issues as they arise than to allow it to continue and fester.

Many people are unsure if their issue really requires the services of an advocate.  Some have anxiety about retaining an advocate or simply do not know how to go about finding one who is capable of understanding their dilemma.  In this website we will try to help you learn how to get the help you need to become your child’s or loved one’s best advocate.

Continuing Communication

Once we have formed an advocate/client relationship it is very important to us that we maintain efficient communication.   We understand the difficulties faced by parents of special needs children and we wish to be as much comfort and assurance for you as we can.  It is more beneficial for your child’s well being that you respond when an issue arises rather than waiting to call upon us when the issue has become a mountain of concern