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Disability Training and Support Specialists provides training and technical support to families, educational settings, community agencies, etc in a variety of areas pertaining to persons with disabilities.  It is our goal to educate, inform and inspire those who love and work with people with disabilities in order to promote a more accepting and supportive society.  We feel that through knowledge, there is power.

Inclusion is a key component to our philosophy.  Through providing appropriate supports, amazing outcomes can be observed for people with disabilities in the natural world of inclusive communities.  It is our goal to educate families of the benefits of inclusion so that they can be given the tools to advocate for their loved one.

Our advocates have decades of experience in the field of special education. Through a vast array of community and statewide committee involvements, they have been able to promote, enhance and advocate for programs for people with disabilities from birth to adulthood.

In addition, our advocates have held numerous committee positions, including President of the Autism Society of America, Broward Chapter; Chairperson of Trainings in Transition; Chair of the Autism Committee of Exceptional Student Education; Special Needs Advisory Council with the Children’s Services Council; Focus Group Facilitator for the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council Medicaid Waiver Project; and many others.

We conduct trainings for parents and professionals on such topics as IEP development, Collaboration Home to School, Inclusion, Meaningful Experiences through Adaptations, Transition Training for job coaches, support coordinators, etc.  Our advocacy efforts extend to the state capitol every year where we collaborate in World Autism Day events, as well as support of Developmental Disabilities Day.  Our constant contact with local and state officials, allow us to advocate on a more systemic level.

Above all else, our advocates are parents of children with disabilities.  It is through their diagnosis and passion for their children that they find joy in their profession.